Part of the Bridge Fellowship


K – 8th Grade

Join us every Wednesday from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm for a time of learning about God, games, songs, snacks, special events and lots of fun!

Some of our special events through the AWANA year – Pizza Night, Family Christmas Night, AWANA Grand Prix (craft and race cars), and Parent/Clubber Challenge!

Clubbers earn AWANA bucks for various activities (being there, bringing visitors, wearing their AWANA shirts, etc.) that they get to spend at the AWANA store.

AWANA Kick-off – September 6, 2023 – 6:30 pm – We will be serving hot dogs, chips, etc.

Parents/Guardians will need to come into the church to complete registration information for their clubber(s) before club starts.

Those picking up clubbers will need to come into the church to pick up their children each Wednesday, as in the past – safety of our clubbers is of utmost importance to us.

Club will only meet on days that North Adams – Jerome schools are in session with in-person classes.

Feel free to contact us HERE with any questions!